Cleo's Patra
Why Comedy?

Had a rather long anonymous comment drop into the ask box, that is worth a full blog post in response.

The short answer is, of course, why not? Life is not exactly all skittle shitting unicorns, which is a huge shame for both shovel and insulin manufacturers. Sometimes laughing at the absurdity of it all is the only way to cope. Well, you could cry, but who wants to be constantly wetly red eyed and dripping snot? It gets uncomfortable, your nose becomes raw and the used tissues wind up everywhere.

I think the main challenge though is to make people smile with a few well chosen words. Unlike many, I have not been gifted with either a terribly flexible voice or the sheer gall to stand in front of a crowd and be laughed at. Couldn’t tell a joke reliably to save me soul - one liners and atrocious puns are more my speed anyway - yet I can write jokes or funny stories perfectly well.

Influences? Many and varied and probably no one you have heard of. The Navy Lark, The Grumbleweeds, The News Hudlines, Mike Harding. All radio, you might note. For TV, Not the Nine O’clock News, Spitting Image, Jasper Carrot, To The Manor Born, Only When I Laugh - again long on verbal play and fairly short on visual humor. Yeah, it is a bit of a time capsule, but your sense of humor is formed early. Hell, probably one of the few people left who will admit to liking Robin Williams. Before you blow a raspberry, find his Live at the Met show and watch that. He was funny, once. Promise.

That leads to the inevitable “But you are not funny.” It gets a bit disheartening to hear that every single time, like when your own reflection laughs and points at you from the safety of the mirror. That is OK. I don’t write comedy for you. I write it for me. If you like it, great. If you don’t, tough, I had a good time writing it.